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Good kneepad support: This kneepad is 50% thicker and 100% stronger than the kneepad of * competitor's kneepad, providing * good kneepad bone stability for you. You will not attempt to use it at risk. We offer a refund * and a lifetime warranty.

Open knee support: the reinforcing ring surrounding the open EVA pad helps stabilize the knee and relieve the pressure and pressure of the knee bones * Female *, knee bones, ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL ligaments.

Strong and breathable: made of high-performance perforated neoprene, it gives you tighter compression effect, stronger support and higher permeability; the additional Coolmax inner skin layer helps absorb moisture and evaporate sweat, and keeps the knee dry and comfortable.

Anti-skid: it is bound with silicone elastic strap to further improve the skid resistance and stability, which is very suitable for running, jumping, basketball, tennis, football and other sports and exercises.

One size fits most people: designed for two legs; one size fits knees with a circumference of 31.75cm - 48.26cm, providing * good support for men, women and young people.

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