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  • Price:More than $0.16 for one
  • Color: Blue,white
  • Product Name:Disposable protective mask
  • Texture of material:PP Spunbond Nonwovens and melt blown fabrics
  • MOQ:10000

Product Details

The mask is a kind of sexual product. It is used to prevent cross infection.Mask size: 9.5cm * 17.5cm non-woven 25g, melt blown 25g, non-woven 25g outer box with package: 53.3 * 38.3 * 33.5cm 1500 pieces weight: 5kg outer box without package: 53.3 * 38.3 * 33.5cm 2700 pieces weight: 9.5k Chinese and English package: 50 pieces in one box, 1500 civil masks in one box with complete qualification.Features: daily use / standard medical procedures. Prevent contamination by bacteria, dust or coughs


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