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  • Price:$91.82USD per retail from 10
  • Color: Black ash
  • Specification (L * w * h) 37x49.5x23.5cm
  • Material:steel pipe
  • MOQ:10000

Product Details

Brand: Longwang

Product category: upright

Product No.: mc05 folding black grey

Material: steel pipe

Surface treatment: spray molding, electroplating

Single package: Kraft carton

Development size: 41x48x27cm

Carton size: 40x18x35 cm

Gross net weight: 3.0kg/2.4kg

Resistance adjustment mode: stepless resistance adjustment

Function: time, calories, distance

Program: fitness, weight loss

Scope of application: outdoor, office, home

Maximum load: 100 (kg)

Specification (L * w * h): 37x49.5x23.5cm (CM)

Origin: Yongkang is a simple indoor bicycle


1. Ultra small, ultra light, domestic high-quality and cheap indoor fitness equipment

2. Stop worrying about expensive and huge fitness equipment

3. Unlimited places, such as family living room, bedroom, office, etc

4. Use around chairs, tables, etc

5. The user L is suitable for men, women, old and young. It can effectively help you improve the curve beauty

25mm diameter steel tube chrome plated bracket, adjustable foot rotation resistance, for foot rehabilitation or exercise

6. Shaft height: 220mm

For hand and foot fitness, small and convenient, the upgraded version can be folded, but also electronic display, suitable for office staff, family members of the daily fitness exercise. Slim leg shape, lift buttocks and make the perfect curve. You can also do rehabilitation training.


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